That Christmas Feeling

It is less than 6 weeks until Christmas! Eek can you tell I’m excited?! This time of year is one of my favourites, the crisp winter air, snuggling up on the sofa with a hot water bottle and mermaid blanket whilst watching The holiday and Home Alone. Candles lit, lights dimmed, the Christmas decs up. Family and friends popping in and out, the smell of mince pies baking and crazy times with mum on the sherry!

Much to my disappointment mum and dad have not yet decorated our family home! Apparently it’s way too early. So this week’s blog is of a Christmas craft made for last year. I love how sparkly it is, plus I just love anything with buttons on!

I brought these plain cardboard letters in Hobbycraft.


I first decided on a colour scheme, I chose some lush Christmassy ones, and then painted the letters with 2 coats of paint to ensure that the colours were nice and bold.


I then started to arrange the buttons in a colour order before using a glue gun to stick them into place.

Then all that’s left to do is decorate your home!

All my love,6

God Bless,




Hello November! I’m pretty sure these months are getting shorter, either that or i’m getting old and time is disappearing! There are only a couple of months left until Christmas which means it’s officially OK to talk about it, right?! This week I’ve finally gotten around to doing some scrap booking and putting photos from my travels in photo albums. This got me thinking about starting some handmade Christmas projects. So this months blog is all about how to personalise a photo frame, perfect for a wedding or Christmas present.


For this you will need a photo frame (I got this lush one from Sass&Belle), Shells and a glue gun.

First of all arrange your shells in a pretty manor. (Make sure that the beach is not protected before you collect your shells – for an extra special wedding touch collect shells from the wedding beach for an even more memorable touch).


The next part is a little fiddly! I might have burnt my finger tips a couple of times, but use your glue gun to position and stick the shells to the frame.

And there you have it an adorable present! 5

All my love,

God Bless,