Happy Friday everyone! I go through little phases in life when it comes to crafting and creating, whether it be sewing or spray painting or writing or baking. At the moment it’s all about the scrap booking!  Now I have a terrible memory! Doesn’t matter what I do, I really try and remember things but they just get lost. So when I started to travel I knew that these memories were very precious and that my brain was at risk of loosing them. So I always keep a diary whilst away, I take many videos and create holiday movies and lastly I take tons of photos and make scrapbooks of them when I get home! I am almost up to date with all my scrap books from my travels but the one I never got round to finishing was one of my first. Australia!! There’s nothing quite like turning the pages looking at some of your favourite memories!! I also love thinking about how I can make each page different from then next. Below are some of my favourite pages below from my travels in Australia and Iceland.


Happy scrap booking everyone!!

All my love,

God bless,




Bible Art Journaling

First up this week I’m going to be cheeky and start with a litte plug for an upcoming adventure that I need your help with!

At the end of September I will be travelling to Tanzania for 3 weeks with 2 friends. The first 2 weeks will be spent volunteering with First Aid Africa teaching first aid and the 3rd week will be spent climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (eek scary)!! This is where you come in. Each of us has a fundraising target of £1600 for the charity and If you have any spare monies I would be eternity grateful if you would sponsor me to climb the mountain – the funds for this will be completely funded my myself.

You can find my fundraising page and more info on the link below 🙂

Now onto this week’s blog…

As many of you know I’m a Christian and I’m also a nurse. In some respects this is a great combination however as the years have gone on (a few too many if I actually count them up) I have come to realise it is also not. Shift work is never good for routine and makes attending anything regularly very difficult. Every week means different shifts and different days, sadly people aren’t just sick mon-fri 9-5. This has made it difficult for me to really feel connected and apart of church life! So I’ve had to be creative in finding other ways to express my faith.

One afternoon on Instagram I came across a bible art journaling community and thought I’d give it a go. You don’t have to be good at art! That’s not the point thankfully! The point is to look at scripture and express yourself creatively. It can be very personal or you can share it with the world! I have decided to share some of mine to hopefully inspire others to give it a go!






All my love,

God bless,



Happy Upcycling!

Happy Friday everyone! For the first time in a while I genuinely have that Friday feeling! The thought of a whole weekend off is lush! Now those of you who know me know that I’m a fan of a good old upcycle project and this week’s blog is about one of my favourites. A lush sewing stool… Well I guess it’s essentially a regular stool but I use it as my sewing stool!!

First up you’ll need to scale the local charity shops or your house for an old stool with a pop out cushion. (Please excuse my wrinkly hands! I dont think I’ll make it as a hand model!!)


Then pick some lovely fabrics to create the patchwork top. I made sure I made my patchwork almost one square bigger than the surface so that there was plenty of material left to cover the sides and to attach it to the back of the seat.


Once you have decided on a size of square, lay them out to make sure you’re happy with the patchwork lay out before sewing each line of squares together. I then removed the fabric from the previous stool cover. You could in theory leave this in place, just depends on how dark the fabric is underneath and it might pucker up underneath.

Then lay your patchwork material over the padded seat, making sure that it’s straight, before using a staple gun to fix the material to the back of the seat. Be sure to hold the material taught as you staple to avoid looseness. (I do love a staple gun… it’s a great stress reliever in crafting!!

Then re-assemble the stool by poping the top back on the frame and there you have a lush little upcycle project! Super quick and easy to do!

All my love,
God bless,

It’s all about the quilts!

Happy Friday everyone! I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since my last post already! The time is flying by so far this year. I have one of my favourite crafts to share with you this week. I love a good old homemade gift. It always seems more personal and guarantees uniqueness! So the following pics will show you how to make a gorgeous patchwork baby quilt.

First up you’ll need to get some cute material (There are some adorable Peter Rabbit prints out there atm). Then cut out the squares 11cm by 11cm before arranging them all out until you’re happy with the lay out. I made these quilts 7 squares by  7 squares but you can obviously change the size of the squares and/or the amount depending on the size of quilt you require.


Then pin them together in rows and using a sewing machine to sew them together.


Then once all the squares are sewn together cut out a matching size of wadding for the inside place this down on a flat surface. Then cut out a matching piece of material for the backing and place this on top of the wadding. Then lay the patchwork face down on top before pinning them together and sewing around the edges. Make sure you leave a hole at the bottom of the quilt to turn it in the right way.

Once finished, turn the quilt the right way through, and hand stitch the hole closed

Then follow the lines of the patchwork and sew over all 3 layers to add in the patchwork effect.



And there you have it! A very simple, cute, personalised, handmade gift for your friends and families cute babies! Paperchase , (one of my favourite places!!!) do some lovely peter rabbit gift boxes to finish off your perfect gift!


 Happy sewing everyone!

All my love,

God Bless




All About the adventure!

So apparently it’s Friday today!! I have been a little bit dippy this week (I’m blaming it on the night shifts) and only realised it was Friday and therefore blog day a couple of hours ago! So this week’s blog is a little more show and tell than useful!


As many of you know I love travelling and whilst on trips I love to document my adventures by taking tons of photos and making memory videos/holiday movies! Then when I’m feeling a little blue or getting itchy feet for some more travels I watch them all back! I’m also a great believer in the power of combining music to experiences. Then you play back a song and everything you associate with it comes flooding back and if you close your eyes it’s like you’re right back there again!


Anyways a few months ago I finally got round to putting my videos onto DVDs and brought some blank DVD cases. I then cut out some pretty card to decorate the cases with and then have the cutest collection of travel video memories to peruse whenever I like!


All my love,

God bless,



Happy Easter!

Spring has arrived! Feels like it’s been taking its time this year but this week the sun has been shining (mostly!) and the flowers are starting to smile. Spring is one of my favourite times of year and the Easter crafts have been out and about making shop windows look happy and colourful.

So this week’s craft has had me pottering outside in the sunshine with the daffodils! I have been experimenting with spray paint and plain white eggs. Make sure you’re outside for this craft!

I picked some of my favourite colours and sprayed the eggs as evenly as possible. I wore gloves doing this as spray paint is super hard to get off your hands! – I found this out the hard way and my lovely daddy got me these gloves for painting in!


I then used some gold paint on a paint brush to give them a speckled look, before adding them to my little Easter display!


Having this lovely bright display to wake up to is helping me get though my night shifts currently!


Wishing you all a very happy Easter!


All my love,

God bless,



Matthew 28: 1-10

Our First Birthday! – A special Interview with The Spotty Spaniel Company!

This week we are celebrating our 1st birthday over here at Our Creative Haven! Whoop! Where on earth has that time gone! We have made 40 blog tutorials, 145 Instagram posts and around 1,376 views on the blog from 23 different countries! And to celebrate we thought we’d try something a little different! This week we will be interviewing the lovely Creator and maker of The Spotty Spaniel Company.

Now Bethan is not just an amazing entrepreneur, she also happens to be one of my closest and oldest friends! We met when our parents took us to Tumble Tots aged 3 and that was that! We have had many adventure since then!

Young ones2

We spent most Saturday mornings growing up in our early teens at gymnastics where we mainly talked about our sticker books!! We got up to a lot of giggling and messing around including one day when we made a shower out of a garden hose and danced around with flowers in our hair! I remember one rather dramatic falling out at year 7 camp and then an equally dramatic moment a few mins later of us running across a field towards each other hugging and making up!


Since those days we have mellowed and in between many McFly concerts and trips to IKEA and Fabric Land, we fuelled our time into planning even more exciting adventures being fortunate enough to travel to Iceland and to America together.


Some when during this time along came Eric. My first nephew! A beautiful Springer Spaniel! I’ll never forget the first time I met Eric, his long little legs and tiny face, the softest coat and the cutest little heart shaped patch on the back of his neck.


Front photo

Now that’s enough reminiscing! Let’s get back to the present…

Welcome to Our Creative Haven the Spotty Spaniel Company! We hope you’re feeling right at home! Let’s start with the usual tell us a little about yourself?

Hello! Thank you for having me! I’m Bethan and I’m the creator of The Spotty Spaniel Company. I work full time as a registered veterinary nurse (so when I’m not making things for fabulous pets, I’m saving their lives!) and use my spare time to make my products and walk my dogs and catch up on the latest Grey’s Anatomy whilst drinking copious amounts of tea.

How did you get into crafting and sewing?

It was a few years ago on a trip to Rochester (with a certain owner of a certain blog …!) and I was dragged into an adorable little fabric shop with a huge array of colours and patterns. I was overwhelmed with the urge to make something and came away with a single fat quarter which I vowed to turn into a cushion. I tried to use my mother’s old hand turn Singer sewing machine but struggled, so opted to get my own and went for a mini machine from John Lewis. It was bright pink and tiny with only five stitch settings and cost me £30 and that the was the start of my sewing adventure! (And I still have the cushion I made from that first square of fabric!

Now as your followers will know you have 2 gorgeous spaniels! Eric is particularly dippy!! What are some of your favourite memories with him?

Where do I begin!? He provides entertainment on a daily basis with his goofy ears and puppy eyes and giving you a paw, high five and a roll over if he even thinks you’ve got a biscuit! I’ll never forget the time he fell in the pond in my parents garden at 10 weeks of age (it put him off water for a while, but now we can’t keep him out of it!) and I will never forget the time he got so excited when one of his favourite people turned up to see him that he bounced his way onto the kitchen table and just stood, not quite understanding how he got up there! I seem to remember guests having to turn up in wellingtons because he used to do ‘happy wees’ when his favourite people turned up!

Haha I remember having wet feet on more than one occasion! What was your inspiration behind the spotty spaniel company?

Eric and Jim are the inspirations for The Spotty Spaniel Company. I wanted unique collars for my boys and after a little trial and error, they were suited and booted and out and about in their new collars! A few people at work noticed the fab collars and asked where they were from. A few little orders later and voila! The Spotty Spaniel Company was born! Animals are my job and my life, so it seemed only fitting to carry that on with my own business!

Where are all your products created?

Everything is created in my very small one-bedroom house! I have a sewing desk in the corner of the living room (which doubles up as an IT desk and a cutting table too!) and when I go on a making spree, you can’t see the sofa or the coffee table (or the spaniels for that matter) under the reams of fabric and fixtures and packaging!

What has it been like setting up your own business?

It’s been fun and a little scary and very exciting! It’s been a challenge and hard work with a lot of research but I’m very lucky to have a wonderful friend who has created her own business (Hoodlum Fang – unique and awesome active wear!) and she has been so fabulous with advice and tips and helping me along! It’s still early days but I’m loving being a small business owner! 

What can we expect to find in your Etsy shop?

Well, at the moment we have dog collars, dog bow ties and dog bandanas. We are branching out into leads at the moment and that is going to be followed by a section for cats! We’re not just about the dogs and will soon be stocking collars, bandanas and bow ties for our feline friends! We are hoping to launch into dog harnesses and dog coats by the end of the year too!

What 3 things are you most obsessed with at the mo?

Tropical Prints (we’ve just launched a lush range of tropical print bandanas and bow ties and I can’t get enough!)

Finding fabulous new fabrics and scouring fabric shops far and wide for my next batch of collars!

Grey’s Anatomy – it’s gets me through a big stack of orders or cutting all the fabric for my latest designs!

We know you have a lush Instagram page, can we find you on any other social media? 

We are also on Facebook! Just search for us – The Spotty Spaniel Company and give us a like!

Amazing! We cannot wait to see what the future holds for your wonderful business! I cannot think of a better way to spend our first birthday tan with you.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for your support over the last year and for continuing to read the blog! I love you all!

All my love,

God Bless,



A New Adventure

So this week has been a big one for me!! I moved to London and started a new job!I am loving it so far and learning a shed load but I appear to have turned onto even more of an old lady than normal and am super tired! I’ve been coming in watching Rosemary and Thyme with a hot choc and a poached egg before going to bed super early! So in the words of my mother who described one of my previous blogs as I quote “a bit lame really” (!) this week’s blog isn’t of the highest standard!

But as I was sorting and packing last week, I had an “I wondered were that had gone” moment when I found my peg bag!It was one that cost I think around 50p in wilkos back in the day before I started uni. Plain and simple but not very me! So I decided to jazz it up a bit with some gorgeous coloured shell buttons! The perfect way to be money smart but still infuse your home with things that represent you… like buttons!!!

All my love,

God bless,



Faith, Hope, Love!

Happy Friday everyone! This week I have been up to my eyeballs in boxes packing ready for part one of my move on Saturday! With this said, I have also sadly not had a lot of time for making new crafts but whilst packing I discovered these lovely embroidery hoop wall hangings. Aren’t they lush! And super simple to make…


First up you’ll need some material, I just used some cotton, some buttons and thread and some embroidery hoops.


I then chose some words to make out of buttons. I used 1 Corinthians 13:13 as inspiration for mine. Sew them onto the fabric using an assortment of buttons.


Then pull the material taut before securing it within the hoops and trimming the material to size.


And there you have it an adorable craft fit for every occasion!


Hope you have a wonderful week,

All my love,

God bless,



Buttons, glorious buttons!!

As some of you know, I’m moving to London in a few weeks (eek) so It’s been a busy time here in Guildford! So for this weeks craft I have delved into my crafting past.

I love buttons! They are literally one of my favourite things! They’re just so pretty! One day around a year ago I was looking at my button collection (as any button obsessed person does) and started arranging them in themes and patterns. They made some pretty lush designs so I decided to use my glue gun to mount the buttons onto card and display the mmmmm in deep photo frames! Have a go! It’s genuinely very relaxing and makes some very individual, beautiful and personal gifts.




Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

All my love,

God bless,