And so it begins…

Missing that Christmas Feeling

So I don’t know about you but I have a little case of the post Christmas buzz blues! The cosy decs are all down and although everywhere looks spacious and tidy, it is also at risk of becoming a little empty. Subsequently this week I decided to bring back that Christmassy giving feeling and make some potential cute little gifts. In fact I made and gave some of these gorgeous earring holders to the girls for Christmas. Hope you like the tutorial below!

Homemade Earring Hanger

Equipment needed:1

Box frame

Pretty Paper/Card


Glue gun



Time: 20-30 mins

First up is selecting some lush paper/card for the back picture for your earring holder. Now I fell in love with these gorgeous papers from Louise Tiler’s Paper Flowers collection and just had to use them! They’re so pretty!


So once the paper has been selected, undo the back of the box frame. Turn your chosen piece of backing paper over and use the back of the box frame to draw around in order to get the exact size. Once done, slot this into the box frame, replacing the back piece once done. Then select coloured lace to match the backing paper. When cutting the lace, make sure you have enough to wrap around the back of the frame on each side.


Arrange the lace over the box frame until you’re happy with the position then measure and write down the distances between each lace. Turn the frame over and in pencil mark along the edge the previously measured intervals.


Place the first lace ribbon under the frame leaving an equal amount each side. Then, using your glue gun, start to glue the first piece of lace in place using your pencil markings as a guide. Once one side is complete, pull the lace ribbon taught before gluing down the opposite side.5


Once compete I put a little glue over the end of the lace ribbons to limit fraying.


Such a cute, simple, homemade gift, or just a little something to keep for yourself!! Hope you enjoy trying this out, I’d love to hear your thoughts,  comments and progress below.

All my love,8

God Bless,





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