A Little Upcycling Cushion Project

Storage solutions are everywhere these days. If you have a little Google a whole host of helpful and handy ideas and resolutions are readily available and very useful. However there is something rather lovely about the simplicity of using pretty boxes to store things in. They are not only exceptionally pretty they but they can also be a cheaper and fun option.


I use one of my many lovely boxes for all the little scraps of material that get left behind. I can’t quite bring myself to waste them and throw them away. I’m a bit geeky as I love looking through the box as it reminds me of some of the little projects I’ve done over the years.


Every now and then the lid becomes a little of a snug fit and the scraps are overflowing! So what better way to solve the problem than to make a lovely scrap cushion! Kinda kills two birds with one stone, using up my scraps of material without them going to waste and I get a lush new cushion too!

Firstly, I have a rummage and find some scraps that sort of match and gradually match up different sizes, sewing them together as I go.


I love it as it’s a gradual process; you never quite know how it’s going to turn out. Initially I don’t worry too much about the size of the final piece, It’s more about gradually fitting pieces of material together, kinda like a puzzle with no correct answer.


Once all the pieces are sewn together, I then used the cushion inner as a basis for the size of the cushion. For the back of the cushion I measured 2 pieces of material that were ¾ of the width of the cushion inner and the same height.


I folded approx. 1cm of the edge of the material over twice and sewed down this to make a neat edge to the opening of the back of the cushion.


I then sewed the edges together, before turning the cushion cover the right way round, cut across the corners, so that you get a nice point to the corners when they are turned round the right way.


And there you have it! A lovely little afternoon project!

All my love,

God Bless,



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