All About The Letters

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you have all recovered from all the festive fun! All the decs are (sadly) down and safely stowed away for another year and I have been busy sending out a few thank you letters. One of which was to my dear friend Emma. We just don’t write enough letters anymore! It’s becoming a lost art, but Emma and I have managed to keep the good old snail mail going throughout the years. Now I think it’s safe to say we both have a little obsession with stationary and have both been more than a little intrigued with Wax sealing letters. We had the same idea of getting each other amazing Hogwarts Wax Seal kits for Christmas. Here’s how I got on using it for the first time! It was every bit as lush as I was expecting!

Here is the kit I used…

First up, write a lovely letter to your nearest and dearest.


Then  light your tea light (in a safe place!), hold your metal spoon over the candle until it heats up then hold the wax into the spoon and wait for it to melt.


Then carefully pour the melted wax in the centre of the back of the letter over the seal. Try to keep this to a circular shape if possible.

Then as quickly as possible push your stamp own into the melted wax and hold it there until it dries (only a few seconds).

Then all that’s left to do is call Hedwig and your letter with be safely on its way!

All my love,

God bless,