Fabric Photo Frames

Hello October! Well didn’t you sneak up on us pretty quickly! It’s been a little bit of a busy week but I am pleased to say that I have officially started my Christmas shopping! It is after all only 80 days until Christmas day (Eek)! So with that in mind I have been thinking about handmade present ideas. This weeks craft is how to upcycle an old photo frame.9.1

I brought this padded photo frame from a charity shop but the material is a little old and in need of a little update. This way you can change the photo frame to match your colour scheme or room. I started by separating the front of the padded frame from the back, this can be a little tough and can need a bit of gentle force to make it happen!


Once separated carefully remove the material from the foam padding.


Then select a piece of fabric that you love and cut it to size – slightly larger that the padding. Draw around the central space within the frame.


Take the material and cut into the corners of the centre. Then start to glue the back of the padding. I used Copydex fabric glue.


Starting with the inside of the frame start to fold the edges in and stick them down. When it comes to the corners leave them until last to stick down.


Having applied more glue underneath, then fold the corners over and stick them down.


Using the same glue, cover the frame backing before applying this to the back of the padding. Hold together until secure.


And there you have it! A super simple present idea!


All my love,9.1

God Bless,




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