Christmas Stars!

Happy Friday lovely people! Eek it’s only 24 days until Christmas! Now I don’t have a whole-lotta space to decorate so I’m all about some small glittery little decs this year. And this week’s dec is super simple to make and the perfect combination of glitter and homely cuteness.

First up decide what shape you want to make and make a stencil out of card before cutting it out on some felt. I used a gorgeous glittery white felt.


I then sewed a shell button into the centre to add to the shimmeryness.


Then add a loop of ribbon to the top of your decoration before using a blanket stitch in wool to secure the two pieces of felt together. Once you’ve sewn around half way add in some stuffing to the middle before carrying on and finishing off the blanket stitch.




And there you have it! A little sprinkle of subtle Christmas!


All my love,7

God Bless,